Earn Superior CashBack on all vendor payments with the CashFlo Corporate Card.

A powerful corporate card with cashbacks on B2B vendor payments, up to 40-50 days revolving credit cycle. 

Extract and maximize the hidden value in your supply chain
with a dedicated B2B Payments card

Universally accepted for core & non-core payments, and applicable even for vendors currently not accepting card payments

2% Cashback and Revolving Credit facility all in one card

Not only does the CashFlo Corporate Card provide you best-in-class cashback on early vendor payments, it also provides you upto 50 days of additional credit period. 

Improve profitability and extend credit periods, in one powerful corporate card. 

Powerful features to handle all kinds of vendor payments

With the CashFlo card, you are no longer limited to a small set of vendors already accepting card payments. You can use this card to pay even those vendors who currently do not accept card payments.

Multiple virtual cards to ensure maximum benefit across your payment cycle

The CashFlo Corporate card allows you to have multiple virtual cards to align with vendor billing cycles. This way you can maximize your Days Payable, no matter when bills are due. 

Positive Vendor Relations

Now you never have to delay payments to any of your vendors. Pay them on time, and let the money leave your bank account later by taking advantage of the CashFlo Card’s best-in-class revolving credit facility. 

Why use the CashFlo Corporate Card?

sales and marketing

Direct EBITDA Gains

Cashback counted as “other income” and is a direct positive EBITDA impact.


Free DPO Extension

Get up to 40-50 day credit extension for free without having to renegotiate with vendors.

Effortless Setup

The CashFlo corporate card works like a retail credit card, and requires no integration with ERP or accounting software. 

Ready to modernize payments with CashFlo?