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Increase your credit periods with vendors by up to 2X. Zero interest cost.

Give your complete vendor base instant access to on-demand early payments and materially increase your credit period across your supply chain at no cost and no effort. 

Traditional vendor finance programs cover a fraction of the supply chain.
Without full participation, improving days payables materially is challenging.

5% coverage

Bank-led programs typically cover top 2-5% of supplier base

No one bank can cover the entire supply chain of a large buyer corporate. 


Manual negotiations to achieve credit period extension

Buyer typically tries to negotiate a flat credit period increase in lieu of vendor financing. One-size-fits-all doesn’t work with entire supplier base

Extend Credit Period - Section 1 - 3

Risk of suppliers increasing pricing as a result

As a result, suppliers who cannot afford to pay the interest on elongated credit period, increase pricing, impacting buyer’s bottomline

The CashFlo Solution

With CashFlo, suppliers can choose their own rate and period of borrowing, and we achieve participation at scale

Materially increasing your credit period requires vendor participation at scale.

With liquidity available on their terms, more suppliers participate in your supply chain, and materially improve your credit period, with no impact on your rate contracts.

Why CashFlo

Cashflo improves on and modernizes traditional cash discounting for the AI age.


Personalized rates

A single rate may be too low for some, too high for others. CashFlo’s award-winning intelligent pricing engine maximizes participation across your supplier base while also maximizing benefits for you.


Unmatched funding flexibility

Buyers can deploy as much treasury funds as they want, whenever they want. CashFlo provides buyers the flexibility to use external funds as a back-up to treasury funds and gain EBITDA benefits


No need to negotiate

No drawn-out rate negotiations with suppliers. Suppliers set their borrowing rate, you set your target rate of return. Cashflo’s AI matches supply and demand for everyone’s benefit.



All transactions for both buyers and suppliers are handled through the automated CashFlo platform. No manual or offline effort on email. The result – an effort-free, error-free process.

Case Study

“This is a novel solution and we are excited to be partnering with CashFlo for this innovative vendor financing offering. Our vendors love the flexibility offered by CashFlo to choose their own rate for discounting. We have not had to undertake any direct discussions with vendors – entire process of negotiation is automated by the auction platform.”

- Mr. N.S Ranawat
Head Product and Sourcing, Arvind Limited

CashFlo not only helped Arvind Limited provide working capital to its vendors, but did so without negotiations.