[Supplier Case Study] How Yash Lifestyle Increased his revenue by 25% with on-demand financing

Mr. Yash Shah started his company – Yash Lifestyle at the age of 23. When most other people his age were just coming out of college and starting their careers as freshers, Mr. Shah was already an entreprenuer.

Yash lifestyle is an apparel supplier, and its products are purchased by some of the largest fashion and clothing brands in the country. Yash Shah has had the good fortune to work with some very professional buyer companies, notably Arvind Limited. While the timely payment of invoices has never been a problem, Yash Shah has always been keenly aware of how access to working capital can unlock growth. With more capital, he could expand his production capacity, speed up logistics, expand into more apparel types and materials, and much more.

CashFlo unified Arvind Limited’s entire supply chain network on a single platform, through which suppliers could see their approved invoices and request early payment at their convenience.

This was a great option for Yash Lifestyle. Since adopting invoice early payment on the CashFlo platform and freeing himself of the need for complicated OD / CC facilities, Yash has seen his company increase revenues by 25%, within the course of 2020. The COVID19 pandemic has done little to stop him, and access to working capital has turned out to be a competitive advantage. Yash Lifestyle has been able to keep working, keep paying salaries and keep growing through the pandemic.

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