[Supplier Case Study]How Amson Print and Pack Got the Financial Flexibility they needed

Mr. Rajiv Duggal is the General Manager of Amson Prnt and Pack. He oversees all operations and finances for the company. He is essentially the day-to-day pulse of the company.

Amson Print and Pack is a leading packaging supplier in the country, with a strong presence in the telecommunications and automobile sectors. Amson Print and Pack counts leading corporates like DishTV and Airtel among their customers.

Amson Print and Pack aims to maintain their working capital cycle between their existing credit cycles – but not everything is “hunky dory”. Payments are delayed, and sudden expenses can come up.

Amson started using CashFlo for the additional flexible working capital access, and it has been a great boon to their business. It has given them flexible on-demand access to capital, which has particularly been valuable during the pandemic lockdown.

“It is online, it is efficient, it is faster, it is convenient, and moreover in the pandemic, it makes more sense. Sitting in the office, you can get the money”

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