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Get Paid Early

Request early payment for your invoices with the click of a button.  Choose your preferred rate and amount, and CashFlo’s AI driven platform will ensure you get the liquidity you need.

Working Capital Loan

Taking a loan to plug your working capital gap is not easy.

Payment delays from customers can stress your business. Extensive documentation, collateral and high rates of interest can put your business in a vicious cycle of cash crunch and high debt.

6% payment on time

Only 6% of all invoices are paid on time

Overdue receivables lead to unplanned borrowings to keep business running, and hinders growth. 

Credit Extension due to Covid

Credit periods are being extended post COVID19

Many corporates are renegotiating credit periods due to liquidity challenges post COVID19

The CashFlo Solution

Working Capital, on your terms, when you need it.

For the first time ever, liquidate your receivables and get early payments with one click.

Choose your preferred rate and terms,  and CashFlo’s AI-driven platform will ensure you get the liquidity you need through its online invoice discounting marketplace. 

Early Invoice Payments Improves your business health

sales and marketing

Grow your business

Sell more to your customer without increasing your exposure.


Reduce Receivables

Ensure predictability in your cash inflows. No more chasing your customer for collections


Debt Free Liquidity

Handle peak seasonal demand easily without the need to take loans.



Reduce reliance on bank loans or your own personal savings invested in the business.


Contingency Cash

Have Cash available against unexpected payment delays from customers or other unforeseen situations like COVID19

Case Study

“CashFlo has been a saviour to me in my business.”

- Yash Shah
Proprietor, Yash lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Yash Shah started his business right out of college and is now a key apparel supplier in India. Accessing low-cost capital to take his business to the next level was a key business goal. Read the Case Study to understand how invoice discounting helped unlock 25% growth in 1 year for Mr. Shah.