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Improve EBITDA by up to 3%

Pay your vendors early. Earn outsized treasury returns contributing directly to your bottom line. Go beyond dynamic discounting with flexible programs leveraging both Treasury and external funds to meet your strategic goals.

Dynamic Discounting

Why be satisfied with your treasury funds earning a meagre 5%?

Indian corporates treasuries earn sub-par returns of just 5-7%

Over 8 lakh crore is held by Indian large corporates as Treasury funds. Investment mandates are conservative and, at best, allow treasury managers to earn 7-8% p.a. via debt-oriented mutual funds.

Indian vendors borrow at rates as high as 24%

India’s suppliers have over 7 lakh crore locked in receivables for 50+ days. They borrow at rates as high as 10-24% for short-term working capital, and pass the cost to the buyers as future price increases.

The CashFlo Solution

CashFlo enables Buyer treasuries to directly invest in their own supply chains

Deploy your funds by making early payments to your suppliers and earn better returns than other investments. Simultaneously give suppliers access to better interest rates than anywhere else.

1. Improve EBITDA - CashFlo Process-1

Anchor Corporate sets strategic objectives for the program

With CashFlo, you have the freedom to match the objectives of your program with the strategy for your business. You can customize a host of conditions including funding source, vendor eligibility, minimum rate of return and more.

1. Improve EBITDA - CashFlo Process-2

CashFlo's daily exchange finds the right price for each transaction

CashFlo’s exchange runs every day, and vendors can avail working capital with one click. Our unique AI-powered price-discovery engine provides an immediate decision to each vendor, at a price that works for them.

1. Improve EBITDA - CashFlo Process-3

CashFlo routes the vendor demand to the appropriate financier(s) & Buyer Treasury

CashFlo’s platform seamless matches incoming demand to the right source of capital, based on the criteria set up for the program. A single transaction can even be financed from multiple sources. 

1. Improve EBITDA - CashFlo Process-4

Settlement carried out through existing buyer payables process

We integrate directly into your ERP software and leverage existing payables processes for error-free early payment to your vendors. This also simplifies accounting and reconciliation.

CashFlo's programs create value for all stakeholders

Why CashFlo?

CashFlo’s marketplace scales traditional invoice discounting to the entire supplier base
and strengthens supply chains


Personalized rates

A single rate may be too low for some, too high for others. CashFlo’s award-winning intelligent pricing engine maximizes participation across your supplier base while also maximizing benefits for you.


Unmatched funding flexibility

Buyers can deploy as much treasury funds as they want, whenever they want. CashFlo provides buyers the flexibility to use external funds as a back-up to treasury funds and gain EBITDA benefits


No need to negotiate

No drawn-out rate negotiations with suppliers. Suppliers set their borrowing rate, you set your target rate of return. Cashflo’s AI matches supply and demand for everyone’s benefit.



All transactions for both buyers and suppliers are handled through the automated CashFlo platform. No manual or offline effort on email. The result – an effort-free, error-free process.

Case Study

“We have seen great success on the CashFlo model. We had initial reservations on adoption among our vendors but are happy that our vendors have found this helpful. The program helps us generate 2x+ returns on our treasury funds without any effort.”

Pharma major

A well-managed pharmaceutical giant with 1500+ vendors looked to transform their supply chain.

Read the Case Study to learn how CashFlo achieved industry-high participation levels in this Supply Chain Finance Program.